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geoapps package

This package contains all the classes and methods that are required to communicate with GeoApps. To get started with this package, take a look at the GeoApps class, which is provided in the scope of the window-object in the browser by accessing geoapps.

To access the map interaction, take a look at the . Interaction with the apps is provided by the App-class.


AnalysesProvides access to the analyses functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.Analyses-property.
AnalysisRepresents analysis that can be performed on the map
AnalysisComputeRepresents an analysis compute within an Analysis. The analysis compute is used to calculate a certain portion of the analysis
AnalysisDrawRepresents an analysis draw within an Analysis. The analysis draw is used to create a draw action on the layer used for the analysis
AnalysisParameterSelectValueRepresents an analysis parameter select value within an Analysis Parameter. The analysis select value is used to set a value for the analysis parameter selection
AnalysisParameterValueRepresents an analysis parameter within an Analysis. The analysis parameter is used to allow user to select a predetermined value for the analysis
AnalysisReportParameterRepresents an analysis report parameter within an Analysis. The analysis report parameter is to combine with the result in a displayed value from the analysis
AnalysisResultRepresents an analysis result within an Analysis. The analysis result is the combined results from the analysis calculation
AnalysisResultParameterRepresents an analysis result parameter within an Analysis Result. The analysis result parameter is the value of a calculation in the analysis
AppProvides access to the app that is initialized in the UI.
AppListContains the response of the App list
AppListAppTypeContains the response of the App list
AppListDataContains the response of the App list
AppListGroupContains the grouped apps of the App list
AppListProjectContains the response of the App list
AppsProvides access to the usage of methods that convern multiple apps in GeoApps
AreaMeasurementResultContains the result of a measurement of an area
AreaStyleRepresents the styling of an Area symbology
BaseLayerBase object representing a GeoApps baselayer. A base layer can be a color, layer or a set of layers where only one baselayer at a time is active, providing a background for the map.
BaseLayerActivatedEventArgsTriggers when a different base layer is activated
BaseLayerAddedEventArgsTriggered when a base layer is added
BaseLayerRemovedEventArgsTriggered when a base layer is removed from the map
BaseLayersProvides access to the baselayer functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.BaseLayers-property.
BlockRepresents a block within a Screen of an app. The block can be used to dynamically render a partial area of a screen, based on user configuration.
BookmarkRepresent a bookmark
BookmarkActivatedEventArgsTriggered when a bookmark is activated and the map is zoomed to that bookmark
BookmarksProvides access to the bookmarks functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.Bookmarks-property.
CircleMeasurementResultContains the result of a measurement of an area
ClusterRepresents clustered map feature
ColorBaseLayerRepresents a base layer of a single (background) color
ControlsProvides the ability to add some UI controls to GeoApps maps. Can be accessed through the Map.Controls-property.
DatasetAttributeDropdownValueRepresents a dropdown value used for Dataset Attribute
DrawingProvides access to the address search functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.Drawing-property.
EditableFeatureAttributeFormRepresents the form used for editing the feature's attributes on Drawing
EnvelopeRepresents the envelope of the map
ExtensionRepresents an extension object
ExtensionsExtensions, configured in the GeoApps Manager, allow use of other components, such as Google Analytics. The integration or user interface should use the keys provided for finding the correct extension and using its settings for usage. Can be accessed through the Map.Extensions-property.
FeatureGeometry(BETA) Object containing data to perform the actual split action.
GeoAppsThe GeoApps class provides access to all map-related configuration and settings
IconStyleRepresents the styling of an Icon symbology
InformationOverlayRepresent an information overlay
InformationOverlayAddedEventArgsTriggered when an information overlay is added
InformationOverlayRemovedEventArgsTriggered when an information overlay is removed
InformationOverlaysProvides access to the information overlay functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.InformationOverlays-property.
InteractionsProvides access to the map interactions of the initialized GeoApps map. Can be accessed through the Map.Interactions-property.
LayerClickedEventArgsTriggered when a base layer is removed from the map
LayerItemA layer object in the map
LayerItemHoverEventArgsTriggers when a the mouse hovers over an object in the specified layer
LayersProvides access to the layer tree of the current GeoApps map. Can be accessed through the Map.Layers-property.
LineStringMeasurementResultContains the result of a measurement of a linestring
LocationRepresents a location object in the map
MailProvides access to the mail functionality of GeoApps.
MailAddressDefinition of a mail address
MailMessageA mail message that can be sent using the Mail-class
MapProvides access to the map that is initialized in the UI. The properties provide access to manipulation of the map.
MapEngineProvides access to the underlying map engine, used to render the map
MapPropertiesErrorEventArgsTriggers when an error occures while retrieving map properties
MeasurementFinishedEventArgsTriggered when a measurement on the map has been completed
MeasurementResultRepresents the base measurement result
MeasurementsProvides access to the measurement functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.Measurements-property.
PermalinksProvides access to the Permalinks functionality. Can be accessed through the Map.Permalinks-property.
PointStyleRepresents the styling of an Point symbology
PopupRepresents a popup for a single feature. When multiple features are found at the selected location, multiple popup objects are returned.
PopupEntryAttributeRepresents popup entry attribute for Popup
PopupTabRepresents popup tab for Popup. A popup can contain multiple tabs with their own styling and content.
PopupValuePopup Value object
PopupValueAttributePopup Value Attribute object
PrintsProvides access to the Prints functionality. Can be accessed through the Map.Prints-property.
PropertiesGeneral map settings, like the title, description and UI preferences. These settings are all configured through GeoApps Manager and should be honored in the integration or user interface that is built.
ScreenRepresents a screen in a GeoApps app. The screen contains one or more blocks, and one or more settings, that can be used in the UI presentation. A screen can be configured and provisioned through the GeoApps Manager, or can be added by code.
SearchProvides access to the address search functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.Search-property.
SearchResultRepresents search result object for Search
ServiceBaseLayerRepresents service baselayer as an extension of the Baselayer object
ServiceGroupBaseLayerRepresents service group baselayer as an extension of the Baselayer object
SketchOptionsThe options for the Sketch action
SmartListProvides access to the usage of the Smartlist functionality in GeoApps
SmartListFilterThe options used to pass a filter to a smart list. The filter performs an exact comparison
SmartListResultContains the result of a smart list action
SmartScopeRepresents a SmartScope instance
SmartSearchProvides access to the usage of the Smartsearch functionality in GeoApps
SmartSearchCompletedEventArgsTriggered when the smart search completed
SmartSearchFailedEventArgsTriggered when the smart search failed
SmartSearchResultContains the result of a smart search action
SplitOptionsThe options for the Split action
StrokeStyleRepresents the styling of an Stroke symbology
SymbologySymbology object used by LayerItem
SymbologyClassSymbology class object used by Symbology
SymbologyClassAttributeSymbology class attribute object used by Symbology Class
SymbologyClassStyleRepresents the symbology class style used by Symbology Class
TableRepresenting a table with records
TableColumnRepresents a single column in a Table-object
TableRequestRequest object used to retrieve a table from the smartscope
TableRowRepresenting a single row in the table
ThemeMapThe Thememap object
ThemeMapActivatedEventArgsTriggered when a specific thememap is activated
ThemeMapsProvides access to the thememap functionality of GeoApps. Can be accessed through the Map.ThemeMaps-property.
UserRepresents a GeoApps user


AnalysisSelectionTypeAnalysis selection types available for analyses
AnalysisValueTypeAnalysis value types available for analyses
AnchorTypeAnchor types available for anchors
AnimationStateTypeAnimation states for animations
BaseLayerTypeBaselayer types available for baselayers
ClusterInteractionTypeCluster interaction types available for clustering
DatasetAttributeTypeDataset attribute types available for dataset attributes
DatasetDownloadTypeAvailable dataset download type
DatasetTypeDataset types for datasets
DrawActionTypeDraw action types available for draw actions
DrawGeometryTypeGeometry types available in GeoApps
EditableAttributeTypeEditable attribute types for the edit attributes form
ErrorTypeError types available for errors
GeoAppsAuthorizationTypeAuthorization types available for GeoApps
LabelRotationTypeLabel rotation types for labels
LayerCategoryTypeLayer category types for layers
LayerDisplayTypeLayer display type for layers
LayerItemTypeTypes of layer items for layer item
MeasurementTypeMeasurement types for layers
ObliqueModeTypeOblique mode types for oblique mode
OperatorTypeOperator types for filters
PermalinkCreationTypeIndicate the type of permalink that is created
PointStyleTypeIndicates the type point used by the point styling
PopupTabStylePopup tab styles for popup tabs
PrintLayoutTypePrint layout type for prints
PrintOrientationTypePage orientation
PrintPageSizeTypePage size
SymbologyClassStyleTypeIndicates the type symbology used by the symbology template


AnalysisSelectionOptionsThe options for the Analysis selection
AppListOptionsOptions used to retrieve the app list
GeoAppsWindowExtension of the window object which provides access to the GeoApps window
IGeoAppsOptionsThe options for the GeoApps authorization
OverlayOptionsThe options that are available when using an Overlay
PrintOptionsThe options that are available when starting a Print
PrintPreviewOptionsThe options that are available to create a print preview
SmartListOptionsThe options that are available when using smartlist
SmartSearchOptionsThe options that are available when using smartsearch