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mapengine package

This package contains the interfaces for a mapengine. A MapEngine is a standardization between the rendering engine used in the backend of an interactive map, and other applications. Using a map engine makes it possible to improve certain syntaxes, and provide long term support while using open source map engine projects in the backend.


FilterDefines a filter on a layer
HoverEventArgsTriggered when the user hovers over features on the map
LocationRepresents a location on the map
MapClickEventArgsTriggered when the user clicks on the map
MoveEndEventArgsTriggered when the map has been moved
RotationChangedEventArgsTriggered when the map rotation
SelectCompletedEventArgsTriggered when a feature is selected
SketchChangedEventArgsTriggered when a sketch is completed
SketchCompletedEventArgsTriggered when a sketch is completed
VisibilityChangedEventArgsTriggered when the visibility of a layer is changed


LayerTypeLayer type
PointStyleTypePoint style type
PositionTypePosition of an object


CircleStyleStyle of the circle
DrawInteractionOptionsOptions used for draw actions
ExtentThe extent of an object
FeatureRepresents a feature of a vector layer
FillStyleThe fill style
GeometryGeometry class
LayerRepresent a generic map engine layer
LayerOptionsParameters used when creating a new layer
MapThe main MapEngine map object
MapEngineFactoryMain factory object to create new objects. A factory is used to be able to provide multiple map engines and handling map engines without knowing the exact map engine that is used in the backend.
MapOptionsOptions used when creating a new map
OverlayAn overlay on the map
OverlayOptionsOverlay settings
ProjectionA projection
StrokeStyleStroke style of a feature
StyleStyle of a feature
UtilsMap Engine utility class for helper methods
VectorLayerRepresent a map engine layer
ZoomToExtentOptionsSettings used when zooming to extent
ZoomToGeometryOptionsSettings used when zooming to geometry